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For Medical Experts
Our expert panel are the frontline in providing service excellence and we cannot value highly enough the contribution they make to our success.

We work with law firms that share our core values and ethos and as a result we provide clear instructions to our medical experts, along with relevant medical records prior to the appointment.

To register an interest in working with e-medicals, please send your CV to .

An Unrivalled &
Committed Team

“I’ve been preparing medico-legal reports for approximately 20 years and have worked with a wide range of instructing parties and agencies. My experience of working with [e-medicals] has never been less than excellent. I’ve found them to be rigorous in terms of quality and to be highly ethical. I feel that my opinions and values are listened to and respected. I look forward to working with e-medicals in the future”.  Dr. Julian Sweetman, GP.

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Our Team

Our people are the core of our business, it is their passion and tenacity driving the high standards of customer service we are known for.
Ellie Williams, Managing Director

My medico-legal journey started when I graduated from Bristol University with a 1st class honours degree in psychology.  Shortly afterwards and initially to pay off my student debt, I started working for e-medicals as an administrator.

I’ve since found medico-legal solutions an exciting and rewarding business and I’m immensely proud of the part we play in bringing  about justice for people whose lives have been adversely changed through no fault of their own.  However, there is a down side as access to justice continues to be eroded, legal aid is in chaos and as a working class woman in a male dominated industry, I am all too aware diversity and inclusion is lagging behind the times.  As the old Honda advert said, “Hate something?  Change something.  Make something better

We have an opportunity and an obligation to do our very best for claimants and we should consider carefully how we can best represent them and the industry in general, yes we must be legally complaint but our responsibility doesn’t end there.  I care about people and I will do my best for those who we act for today as well as those who will turn to e-medicals in the future.  Whether they have suffered from a minor whiplash injury or a life changing catastrophic injury, I appreciate each one is an individual seeking justice.  Unfortunately, some claimants may find additional barriers in their path be they children, immigrants or the vulnerable and  it matters to me,  and to e-medicals that we do all we can to help.    I’m not sure all medical agencies could put their hand on their heart and say that.
T: 0845 219 8200 

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